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Want to Know How Your Big Items Will Be Moved Safely? Part Two

When will a Moving Company Use a Dolly?

There are two wheeled versions available with handles that create an L-shape. These are referred to as hand trucks or two wheeled dollies. These dollies are for taking smaller loads, and some even fold up so they are more easy to transport and store. Hand trucks are common in places where multiple packages will be handled, as they are efficient and will rapidly move large bulky boxes.

There are though, some safety precautions to bear in mind when it comes to using a moving dolly. It is vital to never overload it, and most come with weight limits on the platform for this reason. It is not recommended to leave items on them, whilst they getting trucked, as they will move and can potentially damage other items also getting transported. Tie downs must always be used when moving large items and caution must be used when moving them over elevation changes. So if you need a moving company to help you out, make sure you get in touch with us.

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Want to Know How Your Big Items Will Be Moved Safely? Part One

What Is a Moving Company Dolly Used For?

A moving company dolly was designed to help people move heavy loads and bulky items, like appliances or big furniture pieces. Most companies have dollies to hand and even rent them upon request, and it is possible also to purchase dollies from companies that supply moving materials. In addition to getting used to help people move, dollies are used in warehouses where large items have to be moved around on a regular basis.

A standard dolly has a low platform which is placed upon casters. This platform and wheels will be reinforced, ensuring the dolly is able to take heavy loads, and its assembly is low to the floor, thus ensuring all clearance are not an issue when going through doorways. There are no handles, instead the users push the dolly.

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How to Prepare for the Move

What to Do Before You Book a House Moving Service

Once you make the decision to move, you should start planning everything. And one of the biggest decisions that comes next has to be picking the things that you will be bringing to your new place and those you can leave behind.

To ease yourself and the professional mover you will hire, you should decide which pieces of furniture you won’t need or won’t fit into your new place. You can sell some of them, donate others, or even throw those that can’t be used anymore away. That way, you won’t spend extra time packing and moving things you won’t use. Then, you should do the same with all your other belongings. Get rid of all clothing, kitchen tools, and utensils, as well as other unnecessary stuff, before you start packing. And once you de-clutter, you can be sure that your relocation will be way easier.

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How to Find Trustworthy Movers

Tips on Booking a Moving Service Provider

Moving can be hard, stressful, and really time-consuming. But that’s why moving service providers exist – to help you through this though time. So, if you have decided to relocate and you are looking for movers you can trust, you might find the following tips helpful.

  • Search for local moving contractors by asking people close to you for recommendations. Also, look online for movers’ websites, and choose some with positive customer feedback.
  • Contact some companies, and make sure they have the necessary business license and insurance, before you discuss further details.
  • Then, you should request estimates from those companies you liked best. Once you get at least three offers, read and compare them. That way, you will see what different movers can do for you, how much their services will cost you, which will make your decision easier.

So, if you are currently residing in Springfield, MO and you are looking to hire a moving company, you shouldn’t be looking any further than Puma Van Lines. You can call us today at (417) 313-3388.

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